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Price increased a few dollars to $59 flat rate due to warranting work for 45 days, and re-posting very frequently on craigslist, and creating a copy of entire harddrive to reverse to time of repaired.

Jason Flat Rate Computer Repair Over 300 Customers Served in the past couple years and 45 days warranty.


My name is Jason Chang and I have been fixing computers on craigslist for three years and have had minimum 250 customers served in the last two years. Search "computer repair hawaii" on google, and you can find my site.  Also search "jason kapolei" on craigslist search to find my posting,  http://honolulu.craigslist.org/cps/. I work as an full time "Information Technology Specialist" with the State from August 2007 to present. I manage computer servers and 150+ computers in our network. I have a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science from Univ of Hawaii.

How to test the computer well after I fix your computer ($59)
All the programs should be on the desktop, which are:
- internet explorer (with adobe flash and java) and firefox: test internet video to see how fast computer
- itunes, quicktime, windows mediaplayer: for playing videos
- itunes, window media player: for burning videos
- microsoft works and microsoft word: to type things
- Your antivirus should be showing on the bottom right corner
- Optional: Microsoft Office, Roxio, Nero.Photoshop

-For apple, reinstall osx 10.4 tiger for non intel mac, osx 10.6 snow leapard such as for white macbook, and osx 10.8 mountain lion such as for macbookpro titanium. Install ilife and iworks package
-I will have the computer fix in 1 to 2 days. I will let you know if you have to buy parts within 1 to 2 hours of drop off. At the same time I can send you pictures to show you the progress.
-I warranty the work for 45 days. For more info about warranty, please see the drop down menu "computer services"->"warranty".


Data Recovery ($25 to $50)
Even if your computer cannot start up, I can show you your word document files, picture files, music files, in the first 15 minutes to 1 hour at the time of drop off. I can send you the pictures to your phone or to your email.  If your computer can start up, it will be $25 instead of $50.

Advance Data Recovery ($100)
 Even if you formatted the harddrive and reinstalled windows, deleted files from recycle bin, or harddrive's files folders partitions are corrupted, I can still recover your personal data. No data no charge.

After Fix, You Can Always Reverse It Back To Time I Repaired
Even if a computer is completely cleaned, while searching on internet, it can automatically install programs onthe computer. A virus is just a bad program.  The easiest way to have bad prgrams installed is if you click "yes" couple times, and then the program will not want to be removed. Because I install a recovery program, You never have to worry about virus on your computer and can always reverse it back to the time of repaired as long as you dont have to buy any parts. This is what saves me all the problem, and so many returning customers. Click here to download the adobe pdf file screenshot step by step to reverse back to time of repaired to prove that this works. (If the document is blurried, right click the underline and save it to harddrive before opening)


Unlock and Jailbreak. Unlock, example, tmobile service sim card on ipad. Jailbreak, example, installing apps not from Android Play Store or Apples Itunes Store.

Other services:
- I can install Windows 8 if your computer is brought after June 2012. See my "how to" ->"install windows 8" on top menu
-Transfer all your data and programs from your old to new computer.
-Transfer your video, music files from pc to tablet, and vice verse.

-Change screens on laptops and tablet

Please contact me at 358-5956.

Random Images Below

Click on the "pictures" either at the top menu or bottom menu to see me fixing computers.




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Please call me at 358-5956. If no answer, please leave a message and I will return your call before next day.